Re: Tony and Carmela's apparently thriving sex life.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Them sharing sushi together made me laugh. I was touched when Carm got jealous of the sushi place because Tony went without her. Then she said that was just their place they found together without the kids or her parents. But he playfully said they can still can go and she didn't say no so I think they went off screen. I also think the sushi bar is a metaphor for oral sex.

It does make sense because Carm said she fantastises about this place then Tony replys by saying he does too during sex. After he said that I got the impression they are having alot more sex now then before they broke up in season4.<hr></blockquote>

Really haven't had a lot of time to read or post this week. loveroses, I wondered if anyone had mentioned the sex angle and missed your comment the first time.

I agree completely. Don't forget that in Boca in season 1, the whole conflict with Junior came to a head (pardon the pun) when Tony joked on the golf course about Junior "eating sushi". The fact that Tony said he was fantasizing about sushi during sex -- as well as his smile and Carmela's "naughty boy" look back -- implies to me that he must have taken the torch from Uncle Junior back in the Soprano bedroom.

Also indicating a revitalized sex life was his comment that, after stopping his antidepressants (which have been a factor in causing his impotence before), "the bonefish are back in season." This, again, drew an "inside joke" smile from Carmela.

I predicted over at Sopranoland before the season started that Tony would give up other women by season's end. That's probably still a stupid prediciton. But he certainly doesn't seem to be missing them at the moment.

Carmela's reaction to Tony going to the restaurant alone was among the most interesting aspects of this episode to me. I think it fits into a larger theme of how money and food are used as proxies for love within their marriage. It also underscores that Carmela's new-found love of sushi is far less about loving the fish than it is about loving the feeling of being close to Tony and feeling as though she has claim to one aspect of him that is totally hers. Since she took him back with only the assurance he won't bring his "horze" into the house, not that he won't have them out of the house, it's as if she has imputed to him a substitute vow of fidelity, a vow to "forsake all others and cleave only unto me when eating sushi at Nori's". His going there alone was thus a troublesome signal (to her) that this vow of fidelity, like the other, will be broken.

He seemed to grasp at some level the importance she attached to the place because he told her twice (truthfully) that he went alone. As with all past, significant marital betrayals, he then played the "gift" card, reminding her of the Porsche he'd just bought her. But whereas the gift alone was usually enough to make amends before, this time she barely shrugged.

It's still way too early to tell where this is going, but there's definitely a difference in their relationship, especially compared to the first 4.75 seasons.


Re: Tony and Carmela's apparently thriving sex life.

Totally agree with this. My first reaction to this is from the first page of the thread:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr>And lastly, was it me or did the restaurant thing really get to her, almost as if she caught Tony cheating again, but with a different type of fish (sorry, ladies - but with Chase, you just never know what kind of symbolism he is gonna throw at you.)<hr></blockquote>
And I still think it is true. Is it a sign that Tony may be headed back to cheating land? We know from previews that Julianna Margolis (sp?) has some role later in the season, so it fits perhaps. But more than anything, I take it as a signal for Carmella - it's another reminder to her that no matter what changes, some things remain the same. She's still not happy. That will cause friction for Tony unless addressed, and it will take more than a Porsche it seems.


Re: Tony and Carmela's apparently thriving sex life.

interesting insight in response to the above: a gift like a new porsche is something Tony can give to his "horze" like a horse shoe pendant. Having dinner with Tony is different for Carmela. There is something special there for her. Also did you notice when Carmela and Tony are having the conversation about Tony eating sushi alone there was a change in "zoom" perspective on the camera. The director/cameraman made sure the family dinner table came into the shot. Yes, Carmela shruggs off the reminder of the material gift of the car, because she truly values having time with Tony. Unfortunately for her, that is not something as easy to show off as a new car or jewelry.


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