Janice is a Mother?!?!?!

And now, not just anymore in the mofo sense!

One of the things that got lost for me in my first few viewings of "Members Only" was the possible repercussion of Janice being a mom--again....for her, for Bobby, for Bobby's kids (where were they?), for the Soprano clan as a whole.

Anyone want to speculate on how successful Janice will be as a mom this time around? How motherhood will affect the show--if at all?

How old is Janice, anyway? Late thirties? Forties?


Re: Janice is a Mother?!?!?!

good queston about her age, isnt she tonys older sister?
or was the one at the phone at uncle juniors house his sister as well, and then the older one?if not, then janice should be tonys older sister.

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Janice as Livia?

Well, in the beginning Janice sort of had the responsiblities hit her as she nursed the baby, which always wanted the breast as she indicated. So now, she'll have to either improve upon Livia's mothering, or continue it. However, she has HAD a kid before (Harpo). How do you say "I'm homeless" in French?


Re: Janice as Livia?

She is the oldest. As Tony puts it, she was blowing roadies while Tony had to put up with Livia at home. Also, when Johnny took her to the carnival, it was obvious she was the older sibling.

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