Someone told me that the car he was chasing does look a lot like Wegler's. I hope so. Wegler is so dead. <img src= ALT=":)">


I hope its Wegler.......

Maybe it will be. I kind of hope. I don't like him at all and never did but after he talked so vulgar to Carm I hope he is dead meat. He could have broke it off with Carm without talking so disrespectful to her. Maybe she did use him but a grown man should not be talking to a woman like that.



wegler? man, he is moving up fast in the screen time area isn't he?, since when did he become so important to the central plot o the show?, it kinda sneaked up on us huh? from a bit part last season as the butt of a Billy budd joke to getting it on with carm to now allegedly chasing with malicious intent the man himself TONY SOPRANO..wierd. if he keeps this trajectory he is going to require billing during the opening credits<img src= ALT=":\">

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