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I also figured it was Tony who had the drugs and money thrown out of the car to "lure" Tony B. back in. I also suspected that Tony was involved in the hijacking of the Mr. Kim's laundry van. Slowly but surely he wanted Tony B. to get sucked back into the gangster life and he succeeded.

As for Carmela, I'm surprised she actually followed through and had sex with that principal. My husband figured out that the principal was thinking that Carmela was using him to help out AJ's grades...I didn't pick up on that at first.


Re: Sentimental Education ~ Review

It seems to make sense that Tony S. had something to do with the truck being stolen and the money being thrown.

However there is still no real indication that Tony S. had anything to do with either event.

There was no hinting or any real indication that Tony S. did anything even though his involvement would seem to make sense.


Re: Sentimental Education ~ Review

what do you mean there was no hinting or indication? It was blatantly hinted at the end that it was Tony. They are sitting in the restaurant and Tony says its easier not to do business with strangers and looks at him. That was a strong hint that Tony orchestrated all of this.

Also think about it. A bag with $10,000 and cocaine and pills just happens to fall out of a truck and just happens to fall out right in front of Tony B. Even Tony B is going to figure that out eventually if he hasn't already. Shit like that DOESN'T happen, unless it was intended to happen. It is obvious that Tony Soprano did it


Good but too much Carmela

I thought it was a so so episode it had some strong points the AJ,Tony, and Carmela situation was good also Carmela getting screwed over and lashing back at Wegler was good, it definitely is a set up down the road with Tony B. I think that it just had a little too much Carmela. Still a great season and I look forward to what is to come.


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