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Just curious...a young Tony jacked Feech's card game and didn't suffer any negative repurcussions...

Yet when Jackie Jr. stuck up Ralphie's (I think it was Ralphie right?) card game, Tony put a hit out on him....

Why was that?



When Jackie Jr and friends robbed the game, they shot Furio, shot at Christopher, and I think they killed the one guy at the game, but I don't know what his name was.

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Tony gave some money back and the robbery sounded generally friendly and good natured and everyone is obviously still close, including Tony and Feech.

Jackie Jr murdered an unarmed dealer due to the drugs he was on, and the not only didn't give any money back but left three bodies behind. The game was also being run by Ralpg (and indirectly by Tony), the only two people on the show who actually seemed to care about him. Not to mention the hundred other idiotic stints he pulled.


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The reason that A hit was placed on Jackie Jr. was that a Made guy got shot (Furio) and during Tony's robbery of Feech's game no one was hurt.<img src= ALT=":evil">

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