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I agree the song needs to be used again sooner rather than later. so the first time you had paulie dealing with issue of his birth, though song played over Jason Barone, whose character was very much depicted as a bit of a baby/an innocent. then the obvious marriage of sac's daughter in last episode, but the song's second verse was played over Vito ... very intriguing juxtapositions

on related topic, i don't dislike the song so much as being freaked out over how it was being used ... i LOVE how chase uses music on this show and for him to break his long-standing rule of only using 'sourced' music (a rule rarely broken over the course of the series) it makes me feel like the whole sopranos universe is imploding !!! a topsy-turvey 'finnerty' effect, of sorts ...

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Re: The Three Bells

I was reading the "Three Bells" as an overall theme of each program.

Verse One: #69 birth/new life

Tony is alive when he should be dead/alive again, Paulie finding out about his birth and birthmother, Jimmy Barone the innocent mob child now born into mob life by Paulie's demands.

Verse Two: #70 marriage in all of it's aspects. The dance floor scene could not have been clearer as you saw every stage of pre, current, and post wedding couple.

Verse Three: death. I'm sure we will know it when we see it.


Re: The Three Bells

I thought the third verse was coiming several times in season 6 (Vito, Rusty, Jason B.) but it never came. Will Chase dust it off for the last season? If so, who's death will it involve? The "pick one of their guys" victim? Chris? Tony himself?
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