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I was wondering if someone knew what music is being played during the Episode Menu on Season 3, Disc 4 of The Sopranos. It plays while the promo is repeating itself in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, with the episodes Pine Barrens et al. listed above. It sounds almost like Tiny Tears by Tindersticks from Season 1, where Tony was being shot at by the two black guys. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. I have compiled quite a song collection of music from The Sopranos and have quite full soundtracks for all 5 seasons (they run to 3 CD's each of music per season, beats the original soundtrack releases!).
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Since i bought the DvD collection with all the seasons i've let my indivdual seasons drift around to various places. I can find all of them but season 3 and it's not on the season collection version i have. I do seem to remember the music though you are looking for as Tindersticks. The reason i remember it is that I had never heard of the artist until my business partner used to play them in his office in the late 90's-and I hated them. Then when I discovered the Sopranos in the 2nd season i told him how great the show was and wouldn't shut up about it. HBO ran season 1 and 2 before the third season so thats when I actually heard, to my great surprise, Chase had added the particular song that would drive me crazy at least twice a week in my office to the soundtrack. My business associate has never let me forget it. My point being , I seem to remember an instrumental version of that tune playing in an endless loop on menu page of one of the seasons. It has to be the one your talking about

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I tried checking it out for you, but I had forgotten that the menus for the individual seasons and the complete set are different. The complete set menus don't have the running montage of scenes from the episodes included.

I've had the complete set so long and I sold off the individual seasons immediately afterward, so I had forgotten about those little montages.
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