Down Neck

Hi everybody, i'm new, let me say first, I'm italian, so sorry in advance if my english is bad.

I'm a huge fan of The Sopranos, i love Tony's character, i love as well the almighty Paulie, and i like the last "wiseguy" of the series, Walden Belfiore.

I want to ask you about a song in the episode 01x7 "Down Neck", Tony's flashback when he was a kid, the scene shows Tony follow his father and his sister into a Luna Park, sounds like The Doors or something, i can't find anywhere !

Thanks in advance, if you'll tell me what is this song.

Hi again ! :icon_cool:

Re: Down Neck

The song playing while Johnny Boy and Junior beat the shit out of Rocco Altiore in the street in broad daylight is "Don't Bring Me Down" by the Animals. I always loved how well the music went with that scene.

...just in case you were wondering.
What violin?!
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