Noob with impossible question

I am a noob to these boards, but I've been writing a mammoth compendium on The Sopranos for about a year and am trying to find the lyrics to the song that the band Visiting Day plays when Massive Genius watches them with Chris and Ade.

This is an insane request, obviously, but it's serious. Maybe it's in a screenplay somewhere, but I dunno... maybe the screenwriters troll this board.

Btw I realize Visiting Day (formerly Defiler) is a fake... and really bad... band.


Re: Noob with impossible question

There's only one song by Defiler, which appears to be self-titled, but two by Visiting Day. "Erase Myself" is the one they play live in the bar for Christopher, Adrianna and Massive G, and then again during the recording. The second one, which she plays for Massive G on the stereo before Christopher takes it to Hesh, I can't find any information about. There are only two credited songs to Nick Fowler and Gregg Wattenberg and they're "Defiler" and "Erase Myself" even though there's obviously a third song where the lyrics seem to be "Meow...meow...meow" Though during recording, they mention the names of a few more songs, such as "Sharon's Chair" and "Melt". I love how both versions of the band sound like two completely different types of shitty late-90s music.

As to your request, I'll have to try and decipher as much as I can next time I watch the episode, I can't find much online about the lyrics.
What violin?!
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