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my favorate whakin' song is Glad Tidings by VAn Morrison. The song is played three times in the last episode of the fith season. The second time it is played is when Tony kills Tony B. In this scene the first part of the song is looped so that it bass line plays longer before the singing comes in. As the bass line repeats Tony steps in eggs, stares at the picture of him as a soldier with his horse, and realizes what he has to do. BRILLIANT!

Re: whackin' songs

I agree, "Glad Tidings" is also my favorite song to see someone getted clipped to. It isn't a depressing song, but played to the death of Tony B. it is very somber and ominious. The scene where it first started with Tony looking at the art of him and Pie is also a great scene. Especially given the conversation he just had with Paulie about being a General and whatnot. Your right he knew, as did we what he needed to do next, as conflicted as he might be about it.

Re: whackin' songs

Even though it was playing before he got killed, not during, I always enjoyed the choice of "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" by Frank Sinatra. Talk about something out of left field considering what the scene is about.

Or Chucky Signore getting shot on his boat, followed immediately by "It's Bad You Know" by R.L. Burnside. In fact, that song ended up being an unofficial theme of the Sopranos. It was used in the season one recap and in a lot of commercials for the show, especially when the boxed set came out.
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