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Couldn't agree more with Jonelikate, that scene where Chris shoots up in 'The Ride' and 'Dolphins' plays mournfully over him throwing up, passing out, petting the dog etc was without a doubt my favourite moment from season6a.
Despite stiff competition though, the bit when 'Wrapped In My Memory' kicks in at the end of 'Long Term Parking' still gets me, like, [I]right there[/I]. As if the entire episode hadn't been devastating enough (yes, I'm not ashamed to admit, I was shedding proper man-tears of shock and sadness from the moment Adriana confessed onwards), they had to throw that in to keep me blubbing like an Oscar winner. 'Before you started to fade, you gave us something to believe in...'. Every time.
What a pussy.

Favorite/Best Used Songs on Sopranos

Season One (in no order)
Bo Didey - I'm a Man (Chris commits his first murder)
Cake - Frank Sinatra (Chris looking for himself in paper)
Jive Five - What Time is It? (Tony sings along in dream with Melfi)
Tindersticks - Tiny Tears (Tony drugged up and depressed)
Cream - I Feel Free (Tony is awaken by his near death experience and thinks he will feel great when he finds out who tried to kill him - he is badly mistaken)

Season Two
Frank - It was a Very Good Year (speaks for itself)
Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arm Around a Memory (the crew hang out near a car crash infront of the pork store)
more Frank - Bauble Bangles and Beads (Pussy puts this song on not knowing it would be the soundtrack to his death)
Rolling Stones - Thru and Thru (closing montage to season, similar to the montage with It was a Very Good Year that started the season)

Re: Favorite/Best Used Songs on Sopranos

Frank Sinatra

Amazing choice to recap the first season.

The Police / Henry Mancini

What a fun song! The FBI guys were in such good humor trying to bug the Sopranos basement.


Andrea Bocelli

I liked this song before I heard it on Sopranos. But I will now always see the tears in Carmela's eyes while she listened to it.


The Rolling Stones

As a Rolling Stones fan, I must say FINE CHOICE! This is such a morbid song with a lot of soul! It really sets the tone for the final episodes of the show.


** So many other songs fit perfectly during the scenes. Some fit so well I couldn't stop laughing.

Re: List Your Favorite Sopranos Songs!!

Has anyone mentioned the live version of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks? I can still see Tony storming out of Janice's home after humiliating her. Great scene made even better with the music.

Of course "When It's Cold I'd Like To Die." Just haunting as Tony's sitting on that hotel bed looking out the window.

There's so many songs to mention...


Re: List Your Favorite Sopranos Songs!!

The Kinks - I'm not like everybody else : End song from "Cold Cuts"
Annie Lenox - I saved the world today: End song from "Knight in White Satin Armor"
Moby - When it's cold I 'd like to die: End song from "Join the Club"
Rolling Stones - Thru & Thru: End fsong from "Funhouse"
Dion & the Belmonts - I wonder why : Tony runs down Mahaffy in "The Sopranos"
Beast in me - Nick Lowe: End song from "The Sopranos"

Re: List Your Favorite Sopranos Songs!!

Lady Soprano <3 wrote:While not one of my favorite songs...Back in black by AC DC which was playing the first time tony really cheated on carmella right before Vito calls.

One of my favorite songs ended the last episode Midnight Mile by the rolling stones.

Wasn't it Moonlight Mile?

(big Stones fan here!)

[font="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"][color="DarkSlateBlue"]I didn’t want to show crime pays, I didn’t want to show crime doesn’t pay...David Chase on the ending[/color][/SIZE][/font]

Re: List Your Favorite Sopranos Songs!!

Agree, agree, agree. Also...

Core 'ngrato - I bought Chianese's albm and was not knocked out but this is one is great to close season 3. Pavarotti also has a great version.

Recuerdos De La Alhambra - A tender Spanish guitar tune while Artie cooks rabbit.

Battle Flag - Georgie gets beat by Tony, the Bing girls keep dancin', closing credits :)

and I know it wasn't in the show but...

Lay Me Low - The 'Death Montage' promo kicks ass and is very poignant for THE END.

Re: List Your Favorite Sopranos Songs!!

I just had to jump in on this one. Most of my favorites are songs that are now and forever linked to the show. Whenever I hear them, I can't help but think of the scene in which they played. A few of my favorites:

1) Dion & The Belmonts "I Wonder Why" - I have always loved this song. It's such an upbeat song that I always thought it was chosen to show how much Chris and Tony really enjoy their job - openly flaunting the law and the violence that goes with it.

2) Xzibit "Paparazzi (Instrumental Version)" - Just a great instrumental.

3) Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" - Just a haunting song and perfectly placed in the show.

4) Morphine "Buena" - The video that Meadow and Ally are watching and the closing credits. For some reason, this is not on the HBO site. I've always been intrigued by Morphine (the group that is).

5) Frank Sinatra "It Was A Very Good Year" - The BEST opening montage of the series. Perfect song.

6) The Police/Henry Mancini "Every Breath You Take/Peter Gunn Theme" - Very clever mix.

7) Dominic Chianese "Core N’ Grata" - Glad to see Uncle Jun' flex his pipes.

8) The Chi-Lites "Oh Girl" - Another fabulous song. Using this song to trigger Tony's actions against Zellman was fabulous.

9) William S Burroughs "Seven Souls" - My second favorite season opening and one I'm still trying to interpret.

10) The Browns "The Three Bells" - I can't help but think that this particular song might come up again in Season 6b.

11) Fred Neil "Dolphins" - Perfect song for that montage.

And Finally...

12) The Rat Pack "Live at the Sands" - Perfect use of Goombah pride to annoy and ultimately get what they want.
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