Did Tony offer Ade an "out"?

When Tony called Ade from phone booth, he asked her two things in particular that make me think that he was possibly offering her a way out: l. "Did he (Christopher) seem suicidal?" and 2. "Is there anything that you can tell me...?" If he was, in fact, feeling ambivalent about authorizing this hit, he may have been affording Ade...prompting her, almost...in a opportunity to offer an explanation and means to save herself. It was as though he was testing her...rather hoping that she might come clean with him. She may have further sealed her fate when she responded "no" to Tony's "questions" regarding Christopher's alleged "pre-suicidal" state of mind.

Did anyone else have the same impression? Or, is it rather unanimous around here that at the time of the phone booth call that Tony was resolute in going forward with her hit.

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Re: Did Tony offer Ade an "out"?

nah - I dont think he was offering her an out

he might fancy the pants off her, or see her as a good mate in some lights, but she was a threat to the whole business adn to all of them; she had to go..he wouldnt namby pamby on her anymore than he does on any other murder he instigates ...


Re: Did Tony offer Ade an "out"?

I had to reply on this one, because it is one of my top 3 favorite episodes ever. I believe that Tony wasn't offering her a way out and knew what he was doing when he picked up the phone. I don't think anything she said would have saved her. That being said it is an intriging thought when you think about it. Could he offer her the same protection he gave to Christopher? I would think maybe, until we saw the flashback scene in "The Ride" from season 6A when they show what we didn't see in "Long Term Parking" Christopher going to Tony. If you recall Tony asks him what she knows, and when Christopher can't give a good answer, T says "Ralph?" and Chrissie says he doesn't know. Chris also pleads with Tony not to make him be the one to do it. Everyone involved knew what had to happen, it was to dangerous to Tony for her to be kept around.

But that's part of the beauty with this show, a lot of things are up for interpretation. Let the viewers decide for themselves what is going on inside the characters heads.

Re: Did Tony offer Ade an "out"?

It seemed like a bit of "unscripted" wishful thinking on Tony's part. Tony probably picked up the phone, having planned to tell her about Chris' alleged suicide, but then briefly thought that maybe he could offer her an out, that maybe if Adriana confessed and apologized he could forgive her. but then he kind of snapped himself out of it, realizing this was a ridiculous little fantasy, and quickly hung up.
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