Re: Piss Poor Article on ESPN about Chase

I couldn't get past the first few paragraphs. Not to mention that the article doesn't seem to acknowledge that the show is entirely Chase's from start to finish. I don't think HBO could have or would have been able to "fire him" from his own show. It's yet another "not enough whackings/beatings/strippings" argument. And to single out "In Camelot" as a complete waste and one of the worst? Hell, I consider it one of the best. I still wonder what fucking show these people had been watching for years.
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Re: Piss Poor Article on ESPN about Chase

I read the rest. Could he have thrown more convoluted plot twists in there? He seems severely disappointed that the show isn't going exactly where he wants it to go. "None of my predictions have come true" as if that's a bad thing. I was half-expecting him to trot out the "Furio comes back, shoots Tony, goes back to Italy with Carmela, leaving Meadow in charge of the Family" idea that everybody wouldn't shut up about while season 6B was airing.
What violin?!

Re: Piss Poor Article on ESPN about Chase

The article invitingly reminds me of the stereotypical "jock" mentality of high schoolers and football players as opposed to someone with a bit more awareness, an open and thoughtful mind; someone who "gets it" and can see and appreciate something for what it is, rather than for what one wants it to be.
Of course, many have noted the split audience - those who watch simply for the violence and gore, and those who watch for the art, drama, characterizations, thought-provoking and stimulating reflections on life and culture...
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