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conkom wrote:Shame there are no responses to the recaps. No doubt about it BE is the best series on the air at the moment. It now is equal to the Sopranos.

I love Boardwalk Empire and I'm a bit surprised and disappointed that the discussions here haven't caught on or continued but, with all due respect conkom, "equal to The Sopranos" seems a real stretch. And apparently other members feel the same.

Re: Season 4

Yes Billy,I feel the same... For me,nothing can be compared to the Sopranos. I don't know how many time i watch it. And always with the same enthusiasm and desire from first to the last episode. And never,never,never bored. But,of course,respect for everyone's opinion.

Re: Season 4

Hi Murmur. Glad to see someone else commenting. Hate seeing my name dominating recent posts. (Yeh I know - "so shut up already!")

Along with expressing my opinion on comparing the 2 shows, I was making the observation that Boardwalk hadn't inspired many to post thoughts or join discussions. And now, with its final season jumping 7 years into the future and consisting of only 8 episodes, it seems the producers share the lack of interest and enthusiasm. Disappointing.
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