the 'invisible' ep

Tony falls in love . . . with Ralph's racehorse; Carmela is ice cold after Tony refuses to sign an irrevocable trust safeguarding her financial future; Janice takes the lead in the race to become the next Mrs. Baccalliari.
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the 'invisible' ep

Postby BFazioCriminalMastermind » Mon May 13, 2013 12:52 pm

Some episodes are considered one of the best if not the best, some are considered one of the least-favorites if not #86 altogether, some are considered overrated, some underrated, etc. 'Pie-Oh-My', however (as evidenced in how no one has posted about it yet all this time) doesn't seem to fit into ANY of these categories. 'Nothing fancy' - allmost a representation as to how Season 4 itself is looked at as a whole. Quite a few episodes in this series fit this description (at least 'Calling All Cars' gets mentioned quite a bit for its being underrated). Whether its actually your favorite season or you like others even more (which actually is the case with me) Season 4 is indeed a special one. Other than its two obvious 'star-players', 'Whoever Did This' & 'Whitecaps', many of its episodes, such as Pie-Oh-My, tend to get generally overlooked but its these very episodes that work better together as a team making this very season's episodes more cohesive amongst one another than any other (even if you consider it a 'better') season. Catching myself watching its first few episodes last Saturday, I thought I mosey my way over to this thread after watching Pie-Oh-My to see what others wrote of it and surprised no one has yet. I'll start off by simply saying the obvious - THE ENDING with Tony coming to the horse's aid, goat and all, MAKES the episode! Especially 'My Rifle, My Pony, and Me' which was also used on 'All Debts' which, let me end this post with a change of subject, is indeed an underrated episode! Just 'Members Only' & 'Sopranos Home Movies' are stronger season-openers. Had to reassess its place in my rankings after seeing it yet again this past Saturday. Fans, especially Christopher Moltisanti-fans, may still not like where it is now in the rankings, but certainly don't WANT TO KNOW where it initially was. Seriously don't know why I had it so low.

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Re: the 'invisible' ep

Postby PillsAreAlotEasier » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:43 am

I've watched all the episodes this summer since Season 1 started this Spring. I'm reminded how much I don't like Season 4. There were too few plot lines that were drug threw a whole season. Having the horse was a nice touch but 4 was a snoozer.

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