I think Tony was excited to hear about his beloved father, but the more he heard, the more he realized that Johnny Boy was just as bad a parent as Livia. Those two treated each other poorly in general. The flashback scene is possibly the first time I have felt sorry for Livia. Also, the old lady was a little bit too insulting towards Livia. "She looked like a refugee on New Years." When Tony has felt guilt about his relationship with his mom in past episodes, I think deep down he knew he treated Livia better than she deserves. This episode had her as a victim, and I think Tony has had enough of that.


Re: Tony/Fran

I was confused about that too.

I figured he was disgusted when he found out that she had a one night stand with President JFK. But he embellished the story to his buddies to make her seem classier than she actually was.

Fran seemed like a two bit groupie if you ask me...yeah she was pretty in her day and still attractive and well put together now as an older woman. But strip away that veneer and she was just a whore.


Re: ?

Tony's resentment toward the mistress was his resentment of himself as he began to see the parallels between his father and himself. Someone has mentioned the dog as a variable in the equation which may play a small role in the way he is feeling but ultimately its the realization that what his father did to his mother he is now doing to Carmela. Tony is beginning to see how his actions contributed to his separation and see the man he is and I don't think he likes what he sees.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/devil.gif ALT=":evil">


Re: Tony/Fran

I think he was tempted to try to forgive his mother and move on like Melfi said, but can't get to that point yet, so all that bragging about Fran at the end there was for HIMSELF and that is all-trying to build up dad and beat down his mother some more.


Tony's father's goumba dated Kennedy?!

Tony's father's girlfriend dated JFK?! Obviously this is a bit of a stretch. More likely that she's making this up. Also quite the contradiction, Tony being a JFK fan (bought his skipper's hat), when JFK may well have been killed by the mob (who have long been rumored to have paid off Lee Harvey Oswald to carry out the contract), and thus people that Tony's dad might have known.

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