Is that Bruce guy any relation to Tony I wonder? They never said and I heard before that he was supposed to have a bastard half-brother? It was never brought up last night.

Off topic but I did see a picture of James Gandolfini in high school once and it looked a lot like that Bruce guy. Ill try and find it later but in real life he was thin and had those dorky looking glasses and kind of the same hair Bruce had in that picture.

Do you think we will hear anything else on Johnny boys slut or will this story line be over after this?



I think it will come out that Bruce "might" be Tony's brother. You get the impression that this women slept around quite a bit, and who knows if she even knows who the father is. Just the lingering doubt alone, though, will keen Tony's interest.


Re: ...

I think it would matter......<img src= ALT=":rolleyes"> .......I think it matters because if Tony has a half brother I want to see his reaction. Remember when Carmela told Tony to be careful with his sleeping around because she didn't want any bastard kids shaming his own children with her.



Well, imagine if Fran and Bruce talk on the phone, and Fran mentions that she got this big sum of money. I'm sure Bruce would come back for a while to celebrate.

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