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Re: Episode 3.08: He Is Risen - Grades & General Review

the closing music used to bother me, but it's grown on me. i like the use of the lyric "You'll be the captain", very subtle reference to Ralph. and speaking of Ralph, i'm almost certain he was deliberately killing Gigi with stress. he must have been aware of Gigi's heart problems, or some kind of ill health, and he was encouraging this. basically every time Ralph was in Gigi's presence, he made an effort to be as irritating and insubordinate as humanly possible. resentment and his sense of entitlement certainly must play a part in this, but Ralph is a sneaky fuck, and i wouldn't be surprised if he was making an effort to slowly wear Gigi down until he either died or became otherwise incapable of leading a crew - a non-fatal heart attack or a nervous breakdown would probably be enough.
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Re: Episode 3.08: He Is Risen - Grades & General Review

What a terrific and underrated episode. I previously rated it 7, but after this viewing I'd say it's an easy 8 or 9; definitely one of the best "minor" episodes, where nothing huge happens and the plot just moves a step forward, but it's still gripping all the same. Every plot here is interesting, particularly the Ralphie stuff of course. But what's also striking about the episode is the visual aspect. Did anyone else notice this? The lighting, framing, everything seems even more inspired than usual. Even the use of locations is slightly different and novel -- just look at that diner in the second or third scene where Ralph, Vito and Eugene sit next to a window perched over a rain-slicked street. Or the striking and interesting use of shot-reverse shot in the scene just after that, where Tony and Silvio eat and talk at Vesuvio (here the shots are from the side, rather than the camera facing each person, atop the table, as it typically is). The episode looks more shadowy as well, which would only increase as the series moved into Season 4.

Re: Episode 3.08: He Is Risen - Grades & General Review

Exactly. Although the series always had a Gordon Willis-esque visual style that favored shadows and darkness (just look at the restaurant scene between Tony and Meadow in College), it definitely was a lot brighter-looking in the first two or three seasons. (The second season in particular seems to be set in so many brightly lit locations such as shopping malls).

But starting with Season 3 we get a slightly more shadowy look, and then especially with Season 4 the show gets VERY dark, thematically and visually. They start to use more color filters, and the whole of Season 4 seems to have a kind of dark, chocolate-brown tint to it. Season 5 follows suit with an even darker brown and icy grey look to most of the episodes. Season 6A has some color and brightness back in the frame, perhaps fittingly considering the optimism of its middle episodes. But by 6B all the life and color has been bled out of the series' visual palette, and an episode like Made in America is almost monochromatic in its cold steely-gray, black and white drabness.

Re: Episode 3.08: He Is Risen - Grades & General Review

What a great episode from start to finish! The song at the end "I'll be your captain" reminded me of that other famous scene with Tony singing "I'm your captain" and the fact this episode is the one where Ralphie finally makes captain so that kind of connection is what makes this show so good to me. Also at the end, notice the Ducks swimming in the water right next to the Stugots with Tony and Gloria inside after canceling her appointment with Melfi. Metaphors abound with just small images, amazing storytelling....
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