Where's Johnny? (Sack that is)

I think this season has been great but does anyone else feel that Johnny Sack has not been in it enough. I thought he would have played a more prominent role so far. I know there are still 8 episodes left but, I thought we would have seen more of him especially after Carmine passed away. I hope he is in it more in the remaining episodes. Johnny and Tony work great together, they are friends to a certain extent but yet they are always at each other, with behing the back money making deals such as HUD and backstabbing and politicing such as with Paulie and Johnny. Plus Johnny is verry sneaky and dangerous. I believe Johnny is a very intriguing character whether you like him or not he delivers a great sense of Power and greed.


Re: Where's Johnny? (Sack that is)

I think Johhny Sack has some things in the works (possibly against Tony) and he will come back with a vengeance very soon.

He mentioned that he is still upset with Tony for "leaving him in a lurch" with the Carmine situation, so I think he is out for Tony, especially after Tony suggested the "power sharing situation".


Re: Where's Johnny? (Sack that is)

john sack is my favorite character on the show. anyone else see a striking resemblance between sack and the late john gotti, i also thought since season 4 that sack was a portrayal of gotti, with his cool, calm, and collected mannerisms, and his throwback style complete with tailored suits and handkerchiefs in the pocket. how about carmine sr, could he be paul castolano, an uncle jun with his crazy act..vincent the chin gigante


Re: Where's Johnny (Sack that is)

'...especially after Tony suggested the "power sharing situation"'
Actually, Tony told Sack that Angelo suggested the power sharing agreement even though it was his idea. We see that Tony knows Johnny has the upper hand in this one and he won't push Johnny around to his face. Although Tony was trying to diffuse the situation, he only did more to fuel it.

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