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These are all part of "the game". I remember this same exact thing happened after season two. Weiner wanted a certain amount, AMC pretended like they would go on with or without him to call his bluff. But then the lawyers eventually work something out. In the meantime fans are left wondering if their favorite show is going down the tubes. Its disheartening, but usually these things are worked out. In the case I mentioned earlier, AMC caved and paid Weiner what he wanted, but also locked him down for the third AND fourth seasons. So these negotiations aren't always bad. Weiner will return, I'd put a decent amount of money on it.

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Apparently the 7th season will be the last. So the years featured were;

Season 1 (2007) - 1960
Season 2 (2008) - 1962
Season 3 (2009) - 1963
Season 4 (2010) - 1964-5

Therefore the years to be featured are;
Season 5 (2012) - probably 1967
Season 6 (2013?) - 1968
Season 7 (2014?) - 1969

The end of the decade looked very different to the beginning. Interesting to see how it plays out.

Actually having to wait a whole year will be frustrating.

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I told ya!!! I am hesitant, but hopeful. It is great to have a plan for how things will end, and it is absolutely essential that Weiner is involved, since this is his baby. But three more seasons?! Wow...will Mad Men have worn out its welcome by that time? I already felt like the show was kind of tying up loose ends and preparing for the end.

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Pope Corky the IX wrote:Yeah, I was already worried about the show becoming a zombie by a sixth season.

It very well might. I am hoping that they throw enough changes and things at us that things won't feel stale. It started to feel a bit stale to me in the third season, but then the finale for the third season knocked everyone off their feet. The characters are interesting, the writers just need to make sure they continually have depth and are dynamic.

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Pope Corky the IX wrote:I bet Weiner is saying the same thing.

I wonder why he went with AMC in the first place, other than the possibility that the network offered more money. Terence Winter had the good sense to stay where he could make a show like Boardwalk Empire, which either couldn't air on cable, or would be severely neutered. Shit, it seems like Winter also kept some of the best directors from the Sopranos as well. Tim Van Patten, Alan Taylor, Allen's a shame Patterson's dead.

Weiner went to AMC because HBO turned Mad Men down......I hope someone got fired for that brilliant decision :icon_mrgreen:

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tinytears wrote:Weiner went to AMC because HBO turned Mad Men down......I hope someone got fired for that brilliant decision :icon_mrgreen:

Probably how the people at Fox feel for turning down The Sopranos when Chase came to them with it.
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