Re: Dickie resurfaces...Vows revenge by kidnapping Carmela &


[size=200]Episode 2
[/SIZE]"[size=134]The Big Payback" [/SIZE]

Main Plotline



Tony Soprano
Paulie Walnuts
Silvio Dante
Junior Soprano
Dickie Moltisanti
Meadow Soprano
Janice Soprano
Vincent Leotardo
Michael Moltisanti
Patsy Parisi
Stripper Lucy Love
Biker Woz
Biker Angel

Driver Joey Carbone
Prison Guard
Carmela Soprano
Taxi Driver
Army Worker

Episode II
[/font][/SIZE][/color][size=100][font=franklin gothic medium]...still writing & shooting[/font][/SIZE]

Scene 1

Tony is flying in a helicopter over the snowy Canadian mountains near the city of Nova Scocia.

Tony takes a taxicab through the city.

Outside a warehouse, Tony interrogates/strangles Dickie's other son Michael (Chris's half-brother) while he's loading stolen TV's into trucks.

Scene 2

At the Bada Bing stripclub Paulie, Silvio, and Patsy drink at the bar.

Stripper Lucy Love dances while Patsy watches.

Paulie and Silvio talk at a table

Patsy flirts with Lucy then they leave the Bing.

Scene 3

Inside Lucy's parents house Patsy has sex with her in her room.

Scene 4

Patsy Parisi is gunned-down in front of Lucy's house by three over-seas Italian hitmen hired by Junior and Dickie.

Scene 5

[size=84]Janice and Meadow talk at her lake house about Bobby's death (both unaware of Carmela & A.J.'s disappearance)

Scene 6

At an upstate New York prison yard, inmate Vincent Leotardo (Phil's only son) talks with his inmate/enforcer about getting revenge for Tony killing his father and his uncle Billy.

Vincent and his inmate enforcer beat-up a prison guard.

Scene 7

[/SIZE]Dickie talks to Woz on the phone in an alley


[/SIZE]Scene 8

Biker Woz talks on the phone with Dickie while standing in the pouring rain behind his run-down neighborhood apartment complex.

Scene 9

[size=84]In an alley Junior and Dickie talk about the successful hit on Patsy, and Vincent joining their crew once released from jail.

Scene 10

Biker Woz carries Carmela out of his dungeon

Scene 11[/SIZE]

On the streets of Jersey, Tony shoots Biker Angel in the head.

Scene 12

Paulie is blown up by a car bomb outside little Carmine's porn studio office

Re: Dickie resurfaces...Vows revenge by kidnapping Carmela &

Scene 14

At the hotel in Jersey where he is currently living at, Tony wakes up from sleeping, then goes outside and is blown up by a car bomb in the parking lot, set by Junior and Dickie

But is Tony killed by the car bomb? Does he die or is his death strongly foreshadowed and hinted at with clever direction, editing and writing? Is the bomb blast followed by a cut to black and silence? Have we just been led to another controversial, debateable ending?????!!!!!
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