wow!! did anyone else notice this?

I've just watched the whole of season six again so excuse me if I've got the wrong episode and just move this thread accordingly. Now we all know that there are a lot of references to Tonys (possible ;)) death in this episode and in Made in America but I've noticed something really weird and wondered if anyone else had. There is a meeting in the hairdressers shop and I think its with Phils crew and there's a picture on the wall of a girl who looks like she's been shot through the eye as there's a hole where her eye should be! Is this Chases way of showing us the damage done to Tony in the final episode but without all the blood and guts he didn't want us to see? Pretty strange huh? Check it out and let me know what you think x GA

Re: wow!! did anyone else notice this?

Yes, that's right about the picture. The view I have about the storyline is that it's straightforward. Any hidden meanings escape me completely because I'm not looking for them.

Even if there was an actual photo of some pornstar depicting her with an eye shot out, how would that be any foreshadowing of Tony being killed? Tony isn't a pornstar, is he?

Re: wow!! did anyone else notice this?

Well for a start I didn't know that it was a picture of a porn star I mean what on earth is a picture of a porn star doing in a hairdressers salon? I'm a hairdresser and I've never seen a porn star on the walls. The point I was making is that if Tony were shot at the angle that everyone expected the exit wound would have been about there. Also there are loads of hidden meanings in the last two episodes! But about the eye thing... Just ewww I'm gonna try and forget I mentioned it lol x GA

Re: wow!! did anyone else notice this?

[I think the whole series was full of hidden meanings ie godfather references and such like. Take for example the hidden meaning you couldn't miss, where Tony and Bobby were in the boat and Bobby said about how you probably never hear it coming if that wasn't a hidden meaning then why were we reminded of the conversation in a later episode? It couldn't have been about Bobbys death as he definitely saw and heard it coming so it must have been referring to Tony's. Check out master of sopranos pages on wordpress and although I personally think some of his theories are a bit outlandish there are a lot that make sense that I didn't notice before when I actually watched Season six. There's a good one about the Seven Souls montage that I thought was strange in the episode but now understand what it means and why its there x GA

Re: wow!! did anyone else notice this?

Well, that seems like it's a meaning right out in the open, in plain sight. Then later when Bobby gets killed, he definitely felt it, and he saw the guys who shot him. Anyway, maybe I'm just not too observant. In Lit classes when the teacher gave us all that stuff about the snake biting Jim being a symbol of something else, I didn't see it.

I don't get into the hidden meanings part of books and TV shows. Maybe it's like how I don't care for card games where there's no money involved. Too subtle for me, maybe.

Re: wow!! did anyone else notice this?

I don't think that you need to get any of the symbolism to enjoy the show itself it just makes it fun to spot the little things that you missed when you watch it again. I just loved the ending though it was so shocking with the cut to black that left you confused for a few minutes. At least it was better than it was all a dream ending or the Lost ending when they were all dead anyway. So the million pound question- do you think Tony lived or died? x GA
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