Re: Dangling plot threads

57. Which of Tony's exgirlfriends is Zellman going to bang next?
58. Will there be a sequel to Cleaver? Perhaps Cleaver 2 Electric Boogaloo
59. What happened to the drug dealers that threw the bag of money out of their car window at Tony B's feet when they were being chased by the cops.
60. Will the spec house collapse on Brian and his unborn child?

Re: Dangling plot threads

67. Did the guy in New Hampshire ever get his cell back?
68. What did Artie do with the rabbit he shot?
69. Did Livia ever find her slipper?
70. What was Gigi's last words before he went to the can and died?
71. Who came to Junior's house after he shot Tony to get them and to find Junior's uppers?
72. Was the Departed soundtrack still working after the car flipped?
73. Did the Polish maid ever finish her language course?
74. How much did Jameel make from selling the pictures on eBay?
75. Where'd they find the rat they stuffed in Jimmy's mouth?
76. Did the French dude ever bang Rosalie Aprile?
77. Did Vito's civilian twin brother ever return to the bakery after Chris told him to leave?
78. Why wasn't Jackie Junior in his father's funeral?
79. What plastic surgeon did Irina and father Intintola go to between episode 1 and 2?
80. Did Livia really die of wobblyheaditus or hair-discontinuity-syndrome?

Speaking of Soap, this chick I know called the Sopranos a soap the other day, pissed me off

Re: Dangling plot threads

81. Will anybody ever, mercifully, knock the shit out of Janice?
82. While they were in Italy, when Paulie said he had to take a "wicked shit," did everything come out allright?
83. Did Carm ever collect the profits on the spec house?
84. Did Tony ever have that third sandwich?
Christofuh says: "Tony has big decisions to make, like whether or not to have that third sandwich..." :icon_razz:
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