Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

After watching the last two seasons for the millioninth time I feel that the rat in Phils Crew is the fat guy in the glasses, AKA Al. His body language is acted perfectly to demonstrate this many times in the last season when Phil says things he doesnt like. And in the case of Tony and Coco, he told Coco to back off........... Hmmmmmmmmm........
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Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

The snitch in New York is the guy Sil throttles at the start of "The Blue comet".I think his name was Burt Gervasi,possibly a cousin of Carlo who we know later flips after his son is busted for selling Ecstacy. Sil says to Tony that he had been working "both sides with the Feds" and if I understand it that he approached Sil about "a change of management",i.e. taking Tony out and joining up with Phil and the Brooklyn mob.Silvio gave him his answer.
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