Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

This is the second time Agent Harris warns Tony upfront that NY is out for blood. Apparently there's a snitch in Phil's family. Who do y'all think it is?

So if Phil doesn't get clipped, we can all find comfort in that he will probably go back to prison if he gets pinched for all those murders.

Maybe the fat guy with the glasses is a rat?

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Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

It doesn't have to be someone (like Butchie or Al) in whom Phil confided his decision to take out the Soprano family. It could be anyone to whom either Butchie or Al subsequently spoke to in order to make the hits happen (or someone these people then talked to). Just think about how many people were aware of the fact that there was a hit on Phil after Tony directed Sil and Bobby to carry it out: Paulie, Patsy, Corky Corporale - and anyone else they talked to about planning the hit, etc.

Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

true that, but in season 6a, episode 12, agent harris warns tony as well but NY hasn't really put a hit out on anybody. It seems like if it was Phil's inner circle only debating on weather or not to whack someone in the NJ fam, and it does seem unlikely that any of these guys would pass that information on to someone lower down the foodchain without anything being truly decided yet.

Then again, who the hell know

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Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

dad1153 wrote:Well Butchie is out as a potential informant. He's beaten people real bad and drove the getaway car on the hit for Doc, so his hands are too dirty for him to be an undercover.

cos he is the thick of the action, it Doesn't mean that he is not an informant. butchies activities would be a grand dish for the FBI. Pussy was still a violent fuck in all the years he was a rat

Re: Who's the snitch in Phil's crew?

Little Carmine also seems not a bad bet, especially considering his speech to Tony about there being more to life than being rich. Not to mention having an old bone to pick with Phil. Though not in the inner circle, could he have access to the info?

All Phil's tough talk about how his long prison sentence entitles him to whatever he wants sounds like foreshadowing of where he'll soon be heading to die.
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