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Re: Episode 6.20: The Blue Comet - Grades and General Review

Well for all those that were crying for an all out NY/NJ war, their wish was granted. Its too bad NY made short work of the jersey crew. It doesnt look good for Tony and remaining company.

Im glad Tony gave AJ a foot up the ass by throwing him in the closet. Im sure Melfi dropping Tony as a patient had something to do with it.

WOW, is next week an hour? Cant believe this great show is coming to an end.

Re: Episode 6.20: The Blue Comet - Grades and General Review

Let me just say that if that is the last time we see Sil, his "Raging Bull" moment with Tony was an awesome moment between the two of them.

Anyone notice "The End" playing at the Bing early on?

Poor Bobby.

And wow...just wow.

I wish we could just have a 10th episode so that 9 could be a long dream sequence while Tony sat in that room and waited. But if I were Tony, I wouldn't sleep. Too afraid of what happens not just because of Phil, but what's in his head.
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