<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The amount of Character progression which would be required to achieve a total transformation in the perception of A.J. would require more time than the remaining two seasons. <hr></blockquote>
Yeah, not to mention some time in "The Sopranoverse". AJ will be 18 when the show is over. AJ won't be even made when the show is over.


Re: Lack of emotion in AJ ???????

AJ won't be taking over for Tony by the end of Season 6, that wouldn't be believable anyways given the fact there are so many others in line in front of him.

What I do think will happen and will be the tragic ending for the Sopranos at the end of Season 6 is that AJ enters the mob life (and is at least more successful then Jackie Jr.)

Like father, like son.


Re: AJ

It's interesting you bring up the antisocial personality disorder, which is applied to most criminals (at least the career ones.) Originally, psychologist applied to term "Sociopath" to such criminals, but this is no longer in use.

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